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Add fun stickrs and other cool objects to your photos and share them instantly!

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StickrMe Features

Start adding fun stickrs and objects with 1000's of colors, text and other combinations to your photos

Import Photos

You can start by importing photos from your Camera or Photo Library


Choose from 148 backgrounds to your add to your Canvas

Borders & Frames

Over 54 Border and Frames to add to your photos

Photo Collage

Choose a Photo Collage and add multiple photos in many different frame styles and colors

Monogram Text

Add your initials as a Monogram and choose from hundreds of styles

Steps Today

Show off how many steps you have taken

Stickrs & Objects

Choose from over 86 Stickr Packs and 3,734 objects

Live Weather

Instantly add the current weather to your photos

Earn StickrMe points!

Earn points to buy additional content such as Templates!

..and much more!

So much more to add to your photos such as text, dates, watermarks and more!

StickrMe Unlimited

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$ 0 / mo
  • Photo Collage is only available with an active subscription
  • Cannot save Stickr Canvas as a template
  • Ads show every 2 saves
  • A Watermark is added to Previews and Saved Stickr Canvases
  • Limited to saving 2 Stickr Canvases to My Gallery
  • Limited to 5 objects on the Canvas
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$ 1.99 / mo
  • Add Unlimited Stickrs and objects to your Stickr Canvas
  • Choose from 86 Stickr Packs
  • Access to over 3,734 Stickrs and objects
  • Save Templates to create and reuse themed Stickr Canvases
  • Add a Photo Collage with up to 25 photos
  • Remove the StickrMe watermark when saving and previewing
  • Earn 125 StickrMe points each time your subscription renews
  • Remove advertisements
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